Legacy of Man

The City of Boss

A city of craven, crazed and intellectuals.

The shadow crew has made their dwelling amongst the ruins of the run down and abaondoned surroundings. Their plans to construct weapons and lay booby traps goes unnoticed by the general population of the City of Boss.

Whilst employing espionage the crew has discovered what is gnerally done to the corpses found on site or that come out of the Church mysteriously. A large sacrifical pit has been dug, with a jumpoff apex that was climable from one point. Nez and Sessil’s attempts to uncover extra gain nothing else other than the knowledge that the pit is noisy day and night with the cries of the undead.

The party sets some goals. Get into the compound somehow and obtain the helicopter, which Nez claims he can fly. As they go about setting their goals into motion they come to realize that thier base, deployed in the South of the city is far away from any actual road that the people in the City of Boss use. It turns out the the northern road is used frequently as several transports are foud to use it to traffic in people from beyond the wasteland.

On special evenings when the stars seemed “right,” long drawn out chants and a rise in shrieking noises as someone tossed child sized bodies into the pit below really caught the crew’s attention. The cries were first heard on a night that seemed soundless. Then a high pitched scream of a woman roused them and they all went as a team to witness the rest of the line get tossed in.

During the day time women and children were shuffled between the barracks, the ones disappearing into the head-house never to be seen again. The Church filters many people a day, lots leaving with sobbing faces. On the eve of their final bomb count the party had exhausted every resource it could rummage out of the bits left in the ruins.

Every morning the church bell tolls at 9.

Cityof boss



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