Legacy of Man

The view from the other side of the river

Introducing Nez and 40

The city of Arcsville lies, almost dormant, within a wooded area of northern California along a shallow river. Its tall walls are made of welded car doors, metal gratings, steel frames, and all sorts of other bits to enhance the durability of the mighty, defensible, but low-scale village. Arcsville has been able to maintain strict control of its population, so the people number only into over a couple of hundred.

Nez and 40 have been selected as part of the nightly patrol that keeps watch on the sleeping town. The job is drawn nightly as a lottery, and pairs are seldom the same. As Nez and 40 setup their patrolling perimeters the traveling shadow crew makes their way, unbeknowest of Arcsville, into the shallow valley hunting water.

Back at Arcsville the patrol duo beyond the wall becomes confused as they attmpt to locate something in the woods, possibly an animal, but are unable to track it down. At this point, being slightly moved off path, they make their way back to the main gate only to find it ajar from the closed state they left it in. In a panic they enter the town to find its infiltrators.

Following a trail the two found sleeping Arcsville undisturbed. The fresh tracks lead to the center of the town to a storage building with different gas cans that have been collected and housed. Reaching the house and unsure of the predicament the pair get inside to find, at first, nothing wrong.

Then. In the dark in front of them. A man, with an unfamiliar bone structure of the legs, cuts through the darkness by lighting some sort of incendiary, illuminating the room. Upon closer inspection the being is of some undead origin, but never has Nez or 40 seen anything like it. Milk white, with tri-pedal knees to it’s ankles and long locks of hair covering its face of a jagged toothed smile, the creature stood almost seven feet in height but it’s body was emaciated beyond human livability. Its arms were longish to compensate for the length of its legs giving it a gorilla-like stance.

Sensing the climax of a terrible situation Nez fumbles at disarming the monster and careens into a pile of empty barrels. 40 avoided shooting into explosive containers around the room and took careful aim. The monster riled about knocking all sorts of gas around and spilling liquid all over the floor. The molotov device it was carrying fell from its hands as 40 blasted it square in the chest. After seeing the trail of fire begin to creep towards the gas cans the guards of Arcsville hightailed it outside where the building caught fire and exploded, sending a fiery beacon into the sky that attracted undead like a magnet for miles around.

Soon (45 minutes-ish) Arcsville was getting overrun by a formidable zombie army. A few more of the milk white monsters were in attendance as they helped the zombies invade through the original gate that was unlatched. In a matter of forty-five minutes undead were at the brink in the city causing massive havoc on the once peaceful Arcsville. Terrorized the citizens of Arcsville fled in every direction the wind blew, what was left of them at least.

Meanwhile, as the attack ensued and the shadow crew (Charlie, Gustavo, Larg) moved in the forest nearby, the explosions plume of smoke rose high enough into the sky for them to see. Moving towards it to investigate such a strange occurance in a post-apocalyptic environment, the crew came to the stream crossing. Over the river a log bridge had been downed. A woman and her child were being molested by undead on both sides of river. As the Shadow Crew on one side came to their aid, so too did Nez and 40 emerge from the woods in flight. Attempting to help the stranded people the crew put a stop to the numbered undead. Unfortunately in the turmoil the woman was pulled into the water and washed away downstream.

Later the girl ran off without a word to her saviors. The crew then made new ackowledgements to their new counterparts and made their way out of the area.

All characters accounted for played wonderfully and each was awarded with 5 points to distribute.



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