Legacy of Man

Night of the Living Dead

In the night the familiar but almost forgotten sound of a helicopter is heard passing over-head and moving towards the center of the coty. As the party watches on it lands on the science building . The loud rotary blade eventually slows to a complete stop. Onlookers would merely see a few people casually exiting a helicopter. The silence of the cold night brims over with the chilling moans of zombies trailing after the long lost sound of a helicopter. The under filter down streets, norrow corridors, and dimly lit alley-ways. The crew now nestled in a bobby trapped hideaway discusses their next plan of attack.

Bombs have been stockpiled. Crude explosives for turning the perimeter of the The City of Boss into a mess. The intention being to employ as many of the undead in the region as possible in a mad wave of destruction as soon as the walls come down. As the plan goes there…




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