Legacy of Man

The Bunker
The City of Boss
A city of craven, crazed and intellectuals.

Cityof boss

The view from the other side of the river
Introducing Nez and 40

The city of Arcsville lies, almost dormant, within a wooded area of northern California along a shallow river. Its tall walls are made of welded car doors, metal gratings, steel frames, and all sorts of other bits to enhance the durability of the mighty, defensible, but low-scale village. Arcsville has been able to maintain strict control of its population, so the people number only into over a couple of hundred.

[How] To fall from the sky
Cecil enters

After a few days of driving and camping in quiet the duo were just traversing down another road. They scoot more than 80 miles down the road, and couldn’t have come at a better time. Coming to a halt for a moment to examine their gas, they hear the noise of a civilian helicopter filling the canyon they have entered.


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