Can this be it you ask?

No. No one being can be held accountable. No one being can be looked up to for the answer. No one being should have so much responsibility for his species. Yet only one being is what is present when a switch is pulled, a fuse lit, an idea hatched. The human race, once whole is now shattered. There is not an “All that remains” addendum flag for humanity to rally under. There aren’t even enough people left to form a small government. There are no ideas left that can draw us out of our hiding holes again. We are gone.

This is what is left. A literal few. A remarkably crafty few who’ve managed to escape the dreariness of the hell that’s hatched on this Earth. The lucky few that managed to avoid the slaver patrols, wild animals, wandering cannibals and oh…did I mention about the dead people. The dead people that eat the living? Massive hordes of undead rotting the very air. Except their not dead. How can the dead walk? Can we call dead people people still? The pestilent dead are the rulers of this planet now, might as well as just rename it planet Deadhead while we’re at it. Humanity had its chance. Blew it. Earth got along fine millions of years ago when we weren’t here, and it’ll be just fine without us.

Now all that’s left of what once was our home is nothing that any passerby in space would take the time to come down and sniff at. You see man won’t be here to greet anything. Funny how even now as an extinct species all I can think about is getting to the stars. As far as man got, this is it? This is the shining beacon of light amongst the stars that is the Humanity of the Universe? A zombie world inheritance. Puh..sit down stranger. I’m going to tell you a story.

This is The Legacy of Man.

Adventure Log








Legacy of Man

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