Badrich's Diary

Badrich’s Diary Log 1 – February 20 2040 – A Cold Day, but good to see my breathe…

When the Quarantine was instated I never thought we’d last this long. But it’s so much now I wonder how it could ever be a planet of humans again. The state of it all is so frighteningly fragile. This insane place, how? I just keep telling myself it’s the test. You’ve lived so long and this is where your feet have taken you. And now you must simply reply to what is happening in front of you. Lest you find yourself on the side bewondered by uselessness in a world gone absolutely mad.

Lately the gang that has taken up residence has also taken up another nasty habit aside from dueling random people in the neighborhood Quarantine. They’ve finished that pit a long time ago. I’ve seen them lately at night standing around it. Sometimes one will jump in. Everyone that’s gone out to the pit knows whats in it. I can’t believe that such a ceremony has manifested on this planet. Hopefully science can defeat it in the end, but it is somewhat of a dead religion these days, isn’t it?

We didn’t know. How could we. They all seemed normal at first. These goons of someone seemed to be cropping up all along the West Coast. They’re people, but they have succumbed to some cult that eats zombie flesh. Yes. A group of humans that EATs the zombies. Only I couldn’t be sure how it came to be that they were controlling us, as we used them to develop more research on the whole damned thing. Too bad the departments have fragmented, and everyones starting to take sides…

This cult has had the most impact on the left-over communities of California. Without giving away too much, because who really knows how far spread this dust bucket’s thrown, spottings of them were so frequent that we hailed them down under our own flag of truce and struck a deal. They could move in and clear out all the zombies and stay if they defended us cooperatively as we worked.

It’s been highly successful. They’ve completely taken care of all the missing military positions. I wonder though when they stop coming back on patrols with no one in tow. What if they start coming for us? I don’t want to get thrown into the pit. I don’t even want to go outside again to be honest. I’ve seen them walking around in vast numbers, at least a few hundred people total counting their little slave shacks. The horrid noises I hear coming out of that place could take a lifetime to explain

But it’s getting to the boiling point, and that’s an important event to catch. Luckily we have our own guns. And I know the helicopter pilot, Brad Rigney, personally. My wife was his daughter’s godmother. So I knew him as just an acquaintance at first, but after the outbreak he was the only person left outside of work, and he just happened to have landed here of all places when he needed to stop. Strange how the world turns.


Badrich's Diary

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