Legacy of Man

Gustavo, Charlie. Charlie, Gustavo.

Miles after the encampment meeting that went a little crooked Charlie came upon a road that split the earth like a seam. It was well paved in comparison to the dirt road he’d come from. Deciding to follow it to a town, he began to drive the long gregarious journey. The day passed away and eventually night was upon him.

Meanwhile, coming from the opposite direction – on foot – was another lone hunter. One Gustavo Carto-Blinguez, a free-lancer much like Charlie. The two, perhaps by some divine force, happened upon the same road in opposite directions in the middle of the night during an era where people don’t often get to see their own kind – meaning other humans – on a daily basis, at least the semi-polite kind.

On the Run
A day with Charlie Kraken

The first game began with a solo adventure. Mr. Charlie Kraken, a long bunkered survivor beneath tons of earth at a point where no one could possibly find him, has emerged from the dark. His feet take him out into the new world.


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