The Boss

The top of the food chain in Boss Town


Known to be Deceased


A shady figure who is seldom seen. The Boss has a city of survivors to run. He keeps his gangs well stocked and regularly sends out raiding parties to capture any survivors on the fringe and to scour the land for any useful scrap.

He has converted his small city into a military compound, with an emphasis on the insight into a new religion; ingesetion of the flesh of the undead. With the flux of the religion spreading throughout his ranks, and the followers all under the influence of zombie flesh, it becomes easy to spot one of The Boss’ cronies, as their flesh turns to a pale green overtime. The religion uses a hostage population of scientists and civilians that they herd through different buildings within the massive confines of their protective walls.

Now with the fate of mankind on the conscience of one of the most evil men left alive, the Boss controls the fate of all presently accounted for. Using his scientists as slaves he creates all sorts of experiments to use on the people who are forced to stay. The Boss even dug up a giant pit that he uses to sacrifice the dead that accumulate. Mostly family members of the rest of the survivors in experiements gone bad, the pit is generally used as a dump, and an execution pit.

The Boss

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