Romero "The Gun" Ramirez

Fringer, Crack Shot, Nemesis


Survivor, Whereabouts Unknown


Romero grew up a Romani. Traveling amongst the bands of survivors on the surface in a zombie apocalypse world he became hardened. Learning from sharpshooters all their lives, his trigger finger became valuable after raids turned with the hammer of his pistol.

Romero learned his skill well. He used it as a mercenary tool and traveled as a hired gun. Gaining whatever reputation followed him, he found his way in his life to the City of Boss. After signing on to the gang he made quick with the promotions.

Now the right hand man of the Boss, he acts as Lietenant to the gangs when hes around. Otherwise he is shady, and unseen. He prefers to hunt live humans to zombies, and makes a a regular habit out of killing people for pleasure.

His personal mantra:
I can hide from you, but you can’t hide from me.

Romero "The Gun" Ramirez

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