Gustavo Carto-Blinguez

Man of the Woods, Man of the Hills


Name: Gustavo Carto-Blinguez
Type: Survivor
Sex: M
Age: 37
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 240
Hair: B
Eyes: Grey

Primary Attributes
STR: 4 INT:3
DEX: 4 PER:3
CON: 4 WIL:4
Secondary Attributes
LP: 57
END: 41
SPD: 16
ESP: 22

Resistance (pain): 2
Resistance (fatigue): 3
Acute (hearing): 2
Acute (vision): 2
Hard to Kill: 5
Fast Reaction Time: 2
Good Luck: 2
Nerves of Steel: 3
Charisma: 2
Situational Awareness: 2

Cruel: -1
Weird Delusions: -2
Zealot: -3
Minority (Hispanic): -1
Paranoia: -2

Gun (shotgun): 4
Gun (rifle): 5
Gun (handgun): 4
Runnin (dash): 2
Running (marathon): 3
Stealth: 4
Weapon (knife): 3
Weapon (axe): 4
Traps: 2
First Aid: 4
Intimiation: 2
Survival (forest): 1
Science (chemistry): 2
Craft (custom ammo prod.): 2
Climbing: 2
Jumping: 2


Raised during the Fall of Man, they young Gustavo quickly learned the dark and dirty ways of survival. Gustavo was born just before the “Event.” His father was and Organic Chemist working for the US Government and his mother was a survival skills teacher from Spain. His parents raised him in a encampment in the hills of the Rocky Mountains. There he learned the arts, survival skills, chemistry and a deep hatred and fear of “the Government.” His father would talk about “The Government” and “The Project” with such fear and revulsion that even as a child Gustavo knew these were the real monsters in the world…

Gustavo Carto-Blinguez

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