Dr. Vasilakos

Bright, Leader, Ph.D




Dr. Vasilakos was one of the first scientists to reach out to the team via radio contact. After the shadow crew first raided the complex and killed many people Vasilakos reached out on the airwaves for any sort of response. Getting ahold of the shadow crew, he informed them of a coup. Scientists versus Gangers.

He also told them about he was apart of the cell that had access to the rooftops helicopter. Intrigued the team moved in to assist their unknown comrades. After breaching the perimeter the spared little time dodging about to get to the science building.

When the shadow crew arrived they were greeted by Vasilakos and Badrich after climbing a rope ladder to the second story. Shortly after helping the team into the locked down building Dr. Vasilakos was killed in a cross fire with unidentifiable undead monsters.

Dr. Vasilakos

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