Charlie Kraken

Lone Wolf, Ex-Military, Wayfarer


Name: Charlie Kraken
Type: Survivor
Sex: M
Age: 55
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 220
Hair: Br
Eyes: Br

Primary Attributes
STR: 3 INT: 2
DEX: 4 PER: 3
CON: 4 WIL:3
Secondary Attributes
LP: 51
END: 55
SPD: 17
ESP: 17

Hard to Kill: 5
Nerves of Steel: 3
Fast Reaction Time: 2
Photographic Memory: 2
Situational Awareness: 2
Senses, Hearing: 2

Habitual Smoking: -1
Habitual Drinking: -1
Reoccurring Nightmares: -1

Survival: 5
Driving Car: 4
Gun (assault rifle): 5
Gun (handgun): 6
Weapon (huge knife): 4
Notice: 5
Running (dash): 1
Running (marathon): 5
Stealth: 7
Demolitions: 5
Dodge: 3
Jump: 3
Climb: 3


Charlie Kraken woke up one day to leave his cell deep beneath the Earth. Having used up the last of his supplies underground, he has surfaced. Finding the surface world to be a very dismal place he began to wander in search of, well anything really.

Haunted by nightmarish reminders of the past Charlie bides his time keeping company with a well oiled submachine gun, and a layer of kevlar. Knowing is half the battle. And Charlie is well aware that there are dangers just as bad as zombies out there. The other survivors.

Keeping pace with his feet, which direct him North from home, Charlie has no reserve of spirit to keep him going and no desire for making good with any people he may meet. Charlie Kraken’s only glimmer of hope is his out of control willpower for survival.

From Kraken’s personal diary:
Page1: X-CIA Agent with a will to triumph
page5: Day 2 made new conpaine
Is not tobe trusted. Posibly
a zombie
Page47: dowend plain envestigatid
found scientist. We can always use more meat walls
Page48: Things to find
1 smokes
2 liquer
3 lighters
4 food
5 explosives
6 ammo
7 duffel bag
page 58: ive been out for a day due to rednecks, more meat walls

Charlie Kraken

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