Legacy of Man

[How] To fall from the sky

Cecil enters

After a few days of driving and camping in quiet the duo were just traversing down another road. They scoot more than 80 miles down the road, and couldn’t have come at a better time. Coming to a halt for a moment to examine their gas, they hear the noise of a civilian helicopter filling the canyon they have entered.

Watching above they see what appears to be a helicopter. Its balance is out of control and it is on the verge of crashing. They watch as it disappears no more then a few miles in front of them behind the tree line. They drive on intent to investigate.

Meanwhile, Cecil Larg is co-piloting the helicopter falling out of the sky. The three other members, including the actual pilot, have succumbed to sickness and death. They are turning into zombies. Cecil, unbitten, braces for impact as the helicopter comes crashing to the ground.

Stuck for a moment, he watches as the seat belted passengers try to grope for him to get to his sweet flesh. He draws (yes) his katana and decapitates the pilot who’s paws were inconveniently the closest to him. He then continues to cut himself free, as from the window he witnesses undead folk appearing out of the trees – dazed and hungry.

Gustavo and Charlie have parked the vehicle on the side of the road, and the smoke of the downed chopper could be seen from the road. They rushed into the woods at the smoke. Breaking through the tree-line they were soon running amongst a crowd of the undead also bearing down on the position.

Coming upon the scene they realized someone had survived. Going into kill mode, they made a path to the survivor. Sparing no moment for introductions Gustavo and Charlie helped Cecil out of the wreckage and out of the crowd. Hacking and slashing their way through, the group even let off a few caps of ammo to clear a quick and secure route. Getting out onto the road they found another ambush.

Driving down the opposite way was a truck full of the oddly colored hillbillies. Some were hanging off the side, but there was no doubt they were shouting a battle cry. Leveling his rifle Charlie took a hip shot at the vehicle, and driver side seat exploded in blood. The vehicle steered off the road into the trees. One of the members was tossed off.

Sitting up the knocked off man fired his shotgun. His blast hit Charlie, but luckily the semi-armored old man took less damage than he would have. The shot penetrated to some degree, but not lethally.

The trio of survivors used their firearms against the mutant humans. Their crack shots hit with great accuracy as the mutie scum let off wild shots and untrained hits never made their mark. The killings were quick. Charlie was the only one to take damage.

Knowing the zombie horde was not far off they trio took the fueled up truck rather than the empty car. Wiping away the bloody brain matter from the seat and steering side, Charlie drove them out of the haunted canyon. Their gas meter read half full.



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